Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas
Las Vegas offers the best, lavish pool parties under the sun. Most have hundreds of hot bodies in the pool. Some are like a cocktail party around the pool with only a few taking advantage of the relaxed dress code that allows sandals, bikinis and board shorts. All are exciting places to be!

Relax and rejuvenate in a desert oasis of fun where you can cool off in a large swimming pool, or sink into an invigorating whirlpool. One pool is a whopping 53,000 sq feet in size. Take in the scenery with the occasional dip and a drink by your side to keep you cool. Of couse keeping cool is hard to do when you see fantastic bodies in bikinis & high heels, and big smiles!

European style sun bathing, lush beaches in the middle of the desert and daytime pool parties await at the Best Las Vegas Pools.

Topless pool parties can be found at the Wet Republic MGM, Rehab Hard Rock Vegas, Bare, and XS.

Vegas is the most popular destination for vacationers in the U.S. looking for pool parties.

Cover charges are to be expected. A dress code is enforced and most locations require fashionable pool attire for ladies and gentleman.

Biggest Vegas Pool Parties
Venue Location
Bare The Mirage
Day Dream M Casino
Ditch Fridays Palms
Mandalay Beach Mandalay Bay
Rehab Hard Rock
Relapse Flamingo
Relax Hard Rock
Tao Beach Venetian
Venus Caesars Palace
VooDoo Beach The RIO
Wet Republic MGM
XS Encore
Hours for most locations are 10:00 A.M. to 7 P.M.
You must be 21 to attend any casino hotel pool party. Athletic wear is considered out of dress code. No one in extremely baggy or offensive clothing will be admitted into the pool parties. You are expected to have fun but rude behavior will get you tossed out. Have a smile on your face, a positive attitude, and meet new people!
The Sunkissed LGBT Pool Party - Special Interest Pool Parties
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